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Cod Ipad

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“COD Mobile on iPad Pro 12.9 Claw Gameplay : Call of Duty Mobile Claw Layout iPad Tablet (COD Mobile Pro Gameplay Multiplayer) Tablet Gameplay COD Mobile iPad Pro (Thumb Player vs Claw Player) How to Use Claw on COD Mobile Pro Tips and Tricks : Claw Handcam, Claw Method Season 12″


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Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here back together with a super exciting Call of Duty Mobile video!!!! I just got an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, and I test it out for the very 1st time on Call of Duty Mobile today!!! COD Mobile on iPad Pro 12.9” is absolutely INSANE, but I have a lot to have used to hahaha. I tried claw technique for the FIRST time…something people have been asking me to do for ages! This was my 1st experience trying out claw technique : hopefully someday soon I will be a lot better! Please give me claw technique tricks and tricks to have better, have better aim and have more kills! Thanks! 🙂

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Finally, we have Battle Royale. Call of Duty: Mobile’s take on BR pits 100 online gamers against each other and is timed to last for about 15 minutes per match. You may play solo, team up together with a friend for duos, or have a four-person squad together. You even have the option to play in 1st or third-person, each of which supplys the online gameplay a distinctly different feeling.

This is a totally different map which’s separate from Blackout and Warzone, so don’t expect to be a pro in the just because you’ve sunk hours into those other Call of Duty battle royale modes.
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Ipad PRO 2020 Handcam | 4 Finger + Full Gyro | Call of duty mobile Battle Royale | 32 KILLS SOLO vs SQUADS CODM BR
You asked me, so Here you have my handcam online gameplay on a new ipad pro 11 2020! High kill online gameplay in Cod Mobile battle royale mode solo vs squad !

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I know i’m far away from yanrique, iferg, kvle, jokesta, parker the slayer or other Cod Mobile pro player..But i’m trying to do my best. Thanks for your like, comment and sub!

Device: Ipad pro 11 2020
Settings: High + 60fps

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Ipad pro 11 2020 4 finger cod mobile + Full Gyroscope always on.