iPad Air 4 Call of Duty Mobile Gaming test | Apple A14, 4GB RAM

Call Of Duty Ipad

Call Of Duty Ipad

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iPad Air 4 Call of Duty Mobile Gaming test | Apple A14, 4GB RAM

Spectification of iPad Air 4
Display: 10.9″ , Liquid Retina HD , IPS LCD , 2360 x 1640 Pixel
RAM – 3 GB
Storage: 64 GB
CPU: A14 Bionic
OS: iPadOS
Release Date 09/2020
Battery: 7600 mAh

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Advanced Mode
Advanced Mode offers a additional console feeling experience. Activision has thought about the need for your controls to be movable, that’s excellent. Almost every part of your heads up display (HUD) is movable and allows you to have the most vital buttons directly under your thumbs. This mode even has an actual fire button, that’s pretty vital, and the game offers a tremendous number of control over the sensitivity of your character.

Fine-tuning these details will likely be your life’s work while you are playing Call of Duty: Mobile. The difference between a acquire and a loss could be how fast you’ll be able to aim down sights.
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