COD Mobile Glitch

COD Mobile Glitch

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Glitches on rust has arrived. I’ll be looking for more. Thanks for the support on the channel.

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Great work by IntenseReality for discovering them


Simple Mode
Simple Mode is a substantial departure from the way you would typically play CoD on a console. Instead of having a dedicated firing button, your gun fires whenever you point the target reticle in the enemy. This might sound like a huge advantage, but it’sn’t. The firing accuracy goes out of the window in together with this mode, as well as you rush through ammo in best speed.

The advantage is you’ll be able to move as well as look around much more quickly together without having to worry about tapping the screen to have your gun to fire. After all of, there are no have toer buttons on a smartphone, so you only have your thumbs to work together with. There’s also a setting to limit the distance that auto-aim happens whenever firing from the hip. You don’t wish to be wasting shotgun shells whenever the enemy is too far away.
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